Friday, July 22, 2011

Everything you need to know about them.

Victorian Monkey
 She wants the world to return to the very stuffy Victorian Era.

American Monkey
 He looks for any anti-American slander within the content.

Horrible Mother Monkey
 She spends much more time looking for objectionable content than she does raising her own children.

Preacher Monkey
He looks for anything sacrilegious and can back up any other monkey's complaint with a bible verse or two.
Psychologist Monkey
He looks for anything that can be psychologically damaging.

Black Panther Monkey
He looks for any racist content.

Feminist Monkey
She looks for any and all signs of misogyny.

Not Muhammed Monkey
He tries to eradicate all images of the prophet Muhammed.

Scientologist Monkey
He makes sure everything adheres to the teachings of Scientology.

Nazi Monkey
He helps the other monkeys use Nazi-like tactics to enforce their wishes onto any and all speech or art.